About Us

We specialize in the use of new media to interpret and record heritage resources. This includes the construction of 3D models representing historical sites and structures, educational video games, and the digital documentation of historical resources (e.g., photogrammetry, UAVs). Our staff includes internationally recognized experts.

We are a small, women and minority-owned business based in Orlando, Florida. Our current and past clients include local, state, and federal agencies as well as private and educational institutions. Our Services page explains these in greater detail, and you can view some of our projects on our Case Studies page.

our philosophy

When possible, we utilize free and open source, or low-cost software to support our work. This reduces overall allowing us to produce high-quality digital products for a range of clients. Other benefits include increased reliability, stability, and functionality that matches or surpasses comparable proprietary software. It also allows us to produce deliverables that operate on multiple platforms (Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, iOS, etc.).