Digital heritage is the use of new media technologies for archaeology, history, and heritage. We are experts at utilizing various forms of evidence to  virtually reconstruct structures, settlements, and complete landscapes. These reconstructions can be displayed as images, animations, or interactive virtual experiences.

We can also assist you in displaying these reconstructions to a variety of audiences; whether creating a poster for public outreach, or designing and installing an interactive museum kiosk.

Our Game Development services include working through the conception, development, and release of educational games. These experiences provide an enjoyable and effective means for interacting with educational content in fun and immersive ways.

Our focus is on adventure, role-playing, and simulation games. These genres are particularly well-suited to educational applications because they engage participants who are accustomed to interacting with digital media. We can also help you produce educational board and card games.

DHI’s digital documentation services focus on rapid solutions for recording historical features. We focus on the use of photogrammetry, which refers to the science of taking measurements from photographs, and offers a cost-effective alternative to 3D laser scanning without sacrificing data quality or level of detail. This is also referred to as structure-from-motion (SFM).

We routinely use small unmanned aerial vehicles (sUAV) to support this service. As such, we also provide imagery analysis for a wide range of purposes. This includes low-altitude aerial imagery, site monitoring, landscape reconstruction, crop analysis (NDVI), and so forth. Using an sUAV is often required if a resource is larger than can be captured with grounded or pole-mounted cameras.

Our sUAV flights meet all FAA 14 CFR part 107 regulations.

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