Fort Charles

Close-up 3D View of Officer's Quarters at Fort Charles, Nevis, West Indies

Close-up 3D view of officer’s quarters at Fort Charles, Nevis, West Indies

Nevis was first seen and named by Christopher Columbus in 1493 although European colonists did not establish a permanent settlement on the island until the 1620s. The site of Fort Charles, located approximately ½ mile from the island’s capital city of Charlestown, was first manned shortly after initial colonization of Nevis by British citizens in 1628. Edward González-Tennant has led two seasons of archaeological work at the site in 2013 & 2014. Fort Charles is one of the earliest British forts in the Caribbean, as well as one of the longest-lived, ending its service as a customs fort in the late-1800s.

Portion of Early 3D Image of Modern Ruins and Archaeological Investigations at Fort Charles

Portion of early 3D image of ruins and archaeological investigations at Fort Charles

Our work with Fort Charles includes overseeing the excavation of the site, the project’s archaeological GIS, and creating a virtual world environment of the site at various points in the past. Our work will support the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society’s interpretation of the fort and help raise awareness of this important site.