Cooper Farmstead

Preliminary 3D model of Cooper Farmstead imposed on archaeological map

This project reconstructs the Cooper Farmstead near Dover, Delaware. The Cooper’s were an African American family who operated the farm sometime between the 1770s and 1820s. Our reconstruction of this property was based on archaeological research conducted by RGA, Inc between 2012 and 2014.

The Cooper family occupied a unique position in the developing free black community of Kent County, Delaware. Their navigation of the local Quaker and Anglo American societies contributed to an emerging free African American society of along the shores of the Delaware River. The resulting creolized culture blended elements from these various ethnic and racial backgrounds, and left clear archaeological signatures.

Portion of Final Image for Use in Public Interpretations of Cooper Farmstead

Portion of final image for use in public interpretations of Cooper Farmstead

The contract archaeology project undertaken by RGA, Inc. seeks to interpret this unique site for the public. Our virtual archaeology work figures prominently in their interpretive literature (e.g., posters, site pamphlet) and allows the public to visualize the Cooper farmstead as it existed two centuries ago.