We bring the past to life in engaging and interactive ways!

We specialize in the application of digital technologies to archaeology and heritage. Our services include 3D modeling, virtual reality, simulations, digital documentation, and a complete range of geospatial and historical contract services.

  • Photogrammetry
  • 3D Renders
  • Virtual Worlds
  • Historic Research
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • and much more!

Services and Case Studies

Digital Documentation

Solutions for recording historical resources. Leaders in the use of photogrammetry and drone flights to record historical resources.

  • Jewish Cemetery, Nevis, WI
  • Ossabaw Island, GA

Interactive Heritage

Rapid prototyping, design, and delivery solutions to share your information with the world. Whether you want static images, animations, fly-throughs or virtual worlds, we can create it.

  • Tragedy & Survival
  • Raritan LandingPlaceholder

Historical Research

Extensive training and experience in historical research, Geographic Information Systems, architectural surveys, archival research, and Cultural Resource Assessment Surveys.

  • Community of Royal CRAS


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